Laser Cut Map (Custom)
Laser Cut Map (Custom)
Laser Cut Map (Custom)
Laser Cut Map (Custom)
Laser Cut Map (Custom)
Laser Cut Map (Custom)

Laser Cut Map (Custom)

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  • Laser-cut maps of almost any town, city, or location 
  • Made in USA
  • Manufactured by robots. 
  • Customizable!

The location of the map you receive will be exactly the location you select at the top, but the map rendering on this page is intended only as an example. The final product may differ in appearance due to our manufacturing process.

    Incredibly intricate and precise, these are the product of industrial automation and are high quality physical wall decorations. 

    • Made out of premium Plywood.
    • Available in 15"x15" or 16"x28" 
    Caveat emptor: not all maps work well with our manufacturing process. 
    1. Islands surrounded by water fall apart on the laser cutter bed.
    2. Very sparse empty maps do not yield enough structure to be viable.
    If we can not fulfill your order for any reason we will either work with you to manufacture a suitable map, or give you a full refund