Artist Statement

Our goal is to distribute the future and to explore the possible. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will transform everything, including our most treasured creative outlets. Is art truly "art" if it comes from a machine? Is the artist the programmer or the machine itself? We are forced to confront deep and profound questions about the nature of humanity. And so: In the sense that art should have a message, that it should convey something human and true, ask yourself: what is the message of art produced by a machine? Who is the messenger?

Today Silvan Art offers high quality wall art, laser cut maps, designed and manufactured on-demand by robots. But that is not the end of our ambitions. Our vision is wide-reaching.

We are committed to bridging the divide between the digital and the physical, and to exploring the frontiers of artificial intelligence and industrial automation. The world is changing, and we intend to be there at the forefront.

Seriously, we sell laser cut maps. Any map. Maps for days.