Laser Cut Maps

We sell custom laser cut maps. We can produce maps of almost any location. Our wood cut maps make great wall art and are perfect for home decor and interior design. Decorate your home or give as a gift.


We ship internationally. Please allow 1-2 weeks for manufacturing. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships. Please contact us if your order was damaged during shipping.

Free shipping within the United States.



We accept returns within 1 month of purchase; return shipping not covered. We inspect each order before sending it to the laser cutter, and before shipping. 


Our email address is info@silvanart.com. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments. 


Each map is manufactured using an industrial laser cutter. This allows for highly complex, intricate products that would be impossible or prohibitive to produce using other methods. Our maps are designed and manufactured in the USA. 


This project would not be possible without data from OpenStreetMaps, and the countless volunteer hours that have gone into creating free and open mapping software and data. As required by OpenStreetMaps, each of our maps displays an engraved attribution crediting OpenStreetMaps in the lower right. The mapping data we use is subject to the following license.


Silvan Art is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality custom art and wall decorations. We believe that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will democratize high-quality art, and that every home should have art on its walls. We are based in Huntsville, Alabama, the home of NASA.

Consulting, Installations, Custom Work

We can help with your project! We provide consulting and engineering services for computational art, generative and on-demand manufacturing, software and industrial design. Our artists, designers, and engineers can make your vision a reality. We have a variety of manufacturing capabilities available including laser cutting, 3d-printing, engraving, embroidery, and more. Contact us at info@silvanart.com


We pledge to donate a portion of our profits to support the following causes:

  • To further medical and scientific research.
  • To support disadvantaged, at-risk, or disabled youth
  • To support open source software and efforts like OpenStreetMaps