The Bear Pits of Bern

After I graduated college I spent a few months backpacking around Europe. The trip took me to Iceland, France, Germany, and more, but one of my first stops was Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. 

I arrived via train from France, on my own and completely disoriented. I found myself lost among the mesmerizing streets.


Swiss trains run on time. It's a stereotype, it's something to aspire to, it's absolutely true. The Swiss place a tremendous amount of pride on the efficiency of their public transport system, and it's well deserved. Riding the trains through the bucolic mountainous countryside of Switzerland remains one of the highlights of my travel life.

Bern is named after its bears, and rightly so. As I wandered around the streets of the Swiss capital I came across one of its chief tourist attractions -- the bear pits.

Basically an open-air zoo in the middle of historic Bern, the bear pit is deeply historic and contributes to this unique city's sense of place.


Until next time, Aufwiedersehen