A Map of Sylvan Springs, Alabama

SILVAN ART makes the nicest wooden maps on the internet - so it seems humorous  to make maps of places called Sylvan. Sylvan maps, if you will. It's all very meta.

In that spirit I'm pleased to introduce a new section on our blog featuring maps of places named Silvan or Sylvan. 

To start the series, let's consider a map of Sylvan Springs, Alabama.

Sylvan art of Birmingham - SILVAN ART map of Birmingham Alabama - Sylvan art

This is a SILVAN ART map of Birmingham, Alabama. Scroll down for artwork based on Sylvan Springs.

Sylvan Springs is a small town in Jefferson County, Alabama. It has a population of just under two thousand. Fun fact: SILVAN ART maps are made approximately 92 miles from Sylvan Springs, as the crow flies.

Is a map of Sylvan Springs a Sylvan Map?

SILVAN ART map of Sylvan Springs, Alabama. Sylvan Maps made of Wood. Sylvan art is wooden maps.

This Silvan Springs map is made from aircraft-quality plywood. It's the perfect gift for any connoisseur of sylvan maps.  The map shows fine detail about roads and waterways.

Sylvan Artwork

The map of Sylvan Springs is available on our online store.

Anyone who looks at a map will realize that Sylvan Springs is a bedroom community of Birmingham - the following graphic from Wikimedia commons shows the location of Sylvan Springs relative to Alabama and Jefferson County

Graphic by DemocraticLuntz at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63664180